Weaving our Work Together

Thinking about different things that people said during our first meeting and about the conversations I’ve had in the past with Danielle, I see how her work has changed as a result of her involvement with the FNPN and that change has really influenced my thinking. I’ve also had conversations with Leona and with Mary over the last couple of years so, though I am brand new to the Network, I have already been influenced by them too.

When thinking about this weaving that happens within the FNPN, the sash is a nice way because it is made out of materials that are available, and also because originally a sash is very unique and individualized. 

That is how I see the people and the pathways in this group, they are very unique and individualized but, at the same time, through our work together,  we become stronger and we can do more things than an individual thread in the pattern could.  

The hands that are weaving this sash are those of Autumn, my child. 

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