Elizabeth Williams

"My dreams are for our community to raise ECE’s that will continue to advocate and practice our Gitksen ways of being. One day all ECE’s will speak the language to our children, and children will be raised in our language. I believe our community immerses our children and families in our language and culture daily as we practice this in many ways today. Our Language nest will flourish and programs will be holistic and incorporate our many strengths as a Nation so our children will continue to grow and know who they are and where they come from, and they will contribute to the Nation as a whole."

Elizabeth Williams

HAMOLIC ELIZABETH WILLIAMS lives in Kitwanga BC and belongs to the Gitksen Nation. An early childhood educator since 1997, Liz is a firm advocate for the Gitksen language and ways of being, and has been actively involved in language revitalization programs since 1989 working alongside with Elders, leaders and other communities.  She is convinced about the need to hear more about the good work that is being done in Indigenous communities, to learn with and from each other. Failing to do so, Liz thinks, is demeaning to Indigenous children and the need for them to find the unique gifts they bring to this world.

Hamolic is one of the Network’s founding members and to date continues to actively contribute to its expansion. She is the Manager & AHSOR Coordinator of the Wo’umxhl Simalgyex Daycare which in the Summer of 2021 received over $93,000 to create an outdoor play, learning and healing environment for children and families. This space includes a fenced area where traditional gatherings and healing circles will take place in the Smoke House and Clan Houses which will be built in it.

Landmarks in Liz’s Pathway are:

    • Gitksen knowledge and law
    • Land-based pedagogies
    • Elders and knowledge keepers
    • Language revitalization 
    • Anti-capitalist pedagogies
    • Indigenous research
    • Intergenerational knowledge 

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