Chelsey Hardy

"The process of delocalizing my pedagogy is connecting me to my cultural values and has allowed me the space to rethink education and what education can be."

CHELSEY HARDY is a mixed Indigenous, European woman. She is part of the Dakelh Nation in Central British Columbia.  Her community is Nadleh Whut’en.  She follows her Aloo (Mother’s) teachings. She is a member of the Frog clan which has been passed down through the matriarchal system. Chelsey’s father is from Newfoundland and he taught her how to hunt and fish.  Chelsey has been a part of the Early Childhood Care and education profession since the age of 18.  Working in the childhood education field has become a passion, especially with First Nations cultural values and teachings. She believes children deserve and need a strong foundation to become resilient and grounded adults.  The formative years between ages 0-6 are the most important time in a child’s life for their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.  Chelsey completed her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in May 2020 from Capilano University and is excited to continue to work in her chosen field with a focus on First Nations childhood education development.

Chelsey joined the FNPN in December of 2020 and to date plays a pivotal role in the Network’s expansion and strengthening. She leads processes that strengthen connections between ECPN and FNPN and contributes to extending the Network’s impact among Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals.

Landmarks in Chelsey’s Pathway are:

  • Indigenous Art Pedagogies
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Indigenous youth resiliently
  • Documenting community history (Indigenous ECE as site of cultural continuance)
  • Creating new Indigenous ECE programs
  • Working on/with the Land traditional seasonal activities
  • Working in communities with legacies of residential schools
  • Indigenous Storywork
  • TRC-UNDRIP-FNELCC framework with non-Indigenous authorities
  • Elders, language,and cultural protocols

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