Charmayne Nikal

"The early years are important to me and the basis of my career choice. The passion and commitment I hold for the early years shows in my day to day life. I am honored to belong to the Network in this capacity and to share knowledge and learn from other communities within BC."

CHARMAYNE NIKAL is from Witset First Nation on the Wet’suwet’en Territories where she works, plays and lives. She belongs to the Gitemdin clan and is proud to be a Witsuwit’en language learner, and to support its revitalization in the Witsuwit’en Child and Family Center and Head Start Program she manages. Her community is very dear to her and her role has given her the opportunity to connect with children, parents, families, co-workers and elders in ways that bring so many blessings. Charmayne believes in the need for learning, growing, collaborating and walking together with the community in the world of Early Childhood Education with an open mind, heart, body and spirit. She has been working with Indigenous communities on reserve and urban programs for the past 23 years fulfilling numerous responsibilities with and for her community. Charmayne is one of the founding members of the FNPN and to date continues to contribute to its expansion.

Landmarks in Charmayne’s Pathway are:

    • Indigenous Storywork 
    • Indigenous research methods
    • Relationships with Elders and knowledge keepers
    • Wet’suwet’en early childhood curriculum
    • Language revitalization
    • Intergenerational learning and healing 

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