Koomi Visits Their Cousins

This book features Koomi, a nij manidooag (2 spirit) puppet. Koomi uses the words they/them for themselves. When using this book with children, please use Koomi’s correct pronouns. By doing so, you create safer and more inclusive spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ children and families. You also give all children practice in using the many diverse words people use for themselves, and contribute to decolonizing the colonial gender binary! 

If you would like Koomi to visit your childcare centre or school, please contact their creator, Liz-Eli Brown. Liz-Eli is a member of Pikwakanagan First Nation. They are an Algonquin 2Spirit singer, songwriter, storyteller, curriculum writer, and educator with the First Nations Pedagogies Network. 

lizbrown@fnpa.ca | lizbrowncommanda@shaw.ca

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