COVID 19 Safety Plan

Last updated September 27th, 2020

As we all continue to take care of each other individually and within our families, the members of the Network are also protecting and supporting the communities where they live and work, as established by BCACCS policies for COVID-19 based on Provincial regulations.

Though the Network regular meetings have always been online, the essential work that the Network members do in their communities involves other community members and their health and safety are of the utmost importance. For that reason, the FNPN has the following safety plan in place which is responsive and respectful of communities’ authorities, protocols, and measures related to COVID-19:

When in their workplaces and in each interaction they have with community member outside their household, FNPN members are constant in practicing respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene to limit transmission of COVID-19 by:

  • Keeping groups small 
  • Maintaining a physical distance of two metres
  • Staying home if they feel unwell or have any symptoms
  • Being diligent with hand hygiene (wash hands frequently and disinfecting hands with hand sanitizer when washing is not available)
  • Self-monitoring daily for signs and symptoms of illness
  • Each person handles their own belongings and no supplies or equipment are shared (e.g. pens, notebooks, telephones, tablets, lap tops, etc.)


When obliged to commute or travel for essential purposes FNPN members continue to practice respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene, follow the travel manners established in BC’s Phase 3 Restart Plan, and also:

  • When available, they privilege the use of private transportation
  • If sharing a vehicle they keep as much distance as possible between passengers and keep the same people traveling together to reduce unnecessary contact with others 
  • They avoid using the recirculated air option for the car’s ventilation during passenger transport and when possible use the car’s vents to bring in fresh outside air and/or lower the vehicle windows
  • Have each person handle their own bags and belongings
  • Are careful of commonly touched shared surfaces such as seatbelt buckles, door handles, visors, knobs and controls, and clean and disinfect these surfaces regularly
  • Tissues and hand sanitizer are available in each vehicle. Passengers practice cough and sneezing etiquette and are careful to ensure they have enough ventilation when using hand sanitizer 
  • They wash their hands or use hand sanitizer as soon as they leave and come back to a shared vehicle


Work sessions

When working with others in person and if the weather allows for it, FNPN members meet outdoors in small groups and maintain a safe physical distance.  If needing to sit together indoors, no more than 12 persons gather, and social distancing is always maintained.

Each FNPN member has a personal kit of face mask, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes, and additional sanitizing supplies are readily available in all meeting spaces.