The First Nations Pedagogies Network

is dedicated to the cultural continuance and revitalization of early childhood education with First Nations children, families, cultures and communities, on Indigenous terms

Cowichan River | Winter 2020 | GG

About FNPN

The First Nations Pedagogies Network (FNPN) is a unique program of support and sharing of distinctly First Nations ways of supporting children, families, cultures and communities. 

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FNPN members develop new ways to support and share resurgent and emerging practices in Indigenous Early Learning and Care, while broadening conceptions of quality, in First Nations terms.

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The FNPN is putting in motion and sharing specific cultural processes/approaches/responsibilities, political orientations and resources to develop its work on Indigenous terms.

The FNPN is hosted by BC Aboriginal Child Care Society. It constitutes an example of the partnerships and initiatives that BCACCS leads in British Columbia and beyond, in advocacy and support of Indigenous early learning and child care. To learn more about how BCACCS supports First Nations early learning and child care please visit their website.